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Meet Owner of Gotta Scrap Inn

Amy Kozlowski

Hi my name is Amy Kozlowski, owner and Innkeeper of Gotta-Scrap Inn. For as long as I can remember my passion in life is to create things, whether its, scrapbooks, cards, jewelry, flea market finds into treasure, or just creating friendships. At a early age my parents encouraged this creative side of me by allowing me to decorate my own bedroom several times paint and all!! They were very brave because my first room was the ugliest color of hot pink walls, and lime green trim ever!! Looking back I can't believe they let me do that and pretend like it was good! They even let me decorate the rest of the house, and made me my own craft room in the basement of our house. From that I developed a passion for working with my hands and designing many different creations to make people smile. Although I love to paint, and make trash into treasure as you will see all over the Inn, my passion is truly to entertain people. I just love to see people relax, smile and enjoy life.

Favorite Quotations:

"Enter as a stranger leave as a friend."

"Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too."

"Devote yourself to an idea. Go make it happen struggle on it, overcome your fears. Smile. Don't forget: this is your DREAM"